Planting Spring Vegetables


It’s that time of the year… The seed catalogs have been coming in the mail for the last couple of weeks… The temperatures are starting to rise… And you are itching to get in the garden.

Early Spring is the perfect time to plant some of your favorite vegetables – peas, lettuce, leeks and beets all thrive on the cool temperatures. Though you’ve got a couple more weeks to go (in most areas of the country) it’s time to get excited about what to plant in your 2008 garden.

I ordered seeds earlier this week for a couple of my favorite sources… (see below)

Tomatoes – I like the variety and consistency of the seeds from Tomato Bob’s Heirloom Tomatoes. Seeds are a great deal at $2.95 a packet (20-25 seeds). A couple of my favorites are Mr. Stripey, Golden Grape and Purple Passion.

Unusual varieties – I like Johnny’s Seeds. They carry just about everything (sunchokes, yellow carrots, candy striped beets, edamame, the list goes on…).

More main stream vegetables – Harris Seed is the best. They have an organic and untreated catalog that contains everything from several varieties of corn and pumpkins to heat pads and light trays.


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  1. ceara08

    Yes it’s that time of year again when gardeners welcome seed catalogs in the mail.

    Best of luck with your growing this year!

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