Fabulous Finds: From Vermont

 When putting together one of my favorite finds today, I realized that, in fact, I have quite a few that all hail from my darling husband’s home state of Vermont.

nutrition_cheeseherbfront.gifAmerican Flatbread (think pizza cooked with lots o’ love)
You can’t get much closer to wood-fired flavor from a frozen pizza than this. The cheese and herbs is great as is the Revolution, which is topped with mushrooms and caramelized onions. Available from Whole Foods Stores $10 each


Jasper Hill Farms Cheeses
Another set of product that benefits greatly from handcrafting are the cheeses from Jasper Hill Farm. My personal favorite is the Constant Bliss. Just like it’s name, each bite is so perfectly creamy and pungent that you feel as though you’ve entered a state of nirvana.


Green Mountain Granola
With no corn syrup and no Red #40, this granola is a grass roots as it gets. Containing almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans and dried blueberries, this granola is a great way to start each day. A 22oz bag is $14 and that includes all taxes and shipping charges.


Long Trail Blackberry Wheat
This is one of my favorites (forget the Magic Hat)! Long Trail’s Blackberry Wheat beer is crafted in the traditional wheat style with a few blackberries thrown in there, giving it a slight hint of sweetness and complex flavor. The brewery also has a tour and tasting bar.


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4 responses to “Fabulous Finds: From Vermont

  1. Lillie

    The granola sounds delicious.

  2. District Domestic,

    My google alerts picked up your article on American Flatbread frozen product – glad to see it in your circle of favorites.

    As a native Vermonter, like your husband – I have always looked for Vermont products when feeling a little home sick.

    I thought I would let the two of you know that we have opened one of our first Franchised Restaurants in Ashburn, VA – (the edge of the suburbs and farm fields) in the hopes of stimulating local/organic foods and creating a community dialogue about food and place.

    If you like the frozen product you would enjoy a Flatbread straight from the wood fired oven. If you go, we would love to know what you think.

  3. I buy Vermont-made not just because that’s where my folks are, but because it’s often truly better! I like to put together small sized of Vermont-made food products and give them as gifts. The cheese, the beer, the coffee, the syrup. I think I will try to find some of that granola next time I am up there!

  4. Awesome Post! Love your photo’s too!

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