In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – Anchirage Daily News Curb on Halibut Catch is Likely to Affect Price Wondering why halibut prices keep creeping up on restaurant menus? Read on…

4. – Reno Gazette-Journal Eating Better, Eating Smarter So you’ve made the New Year’s Resolution to lose weight and have already fallen off the bandwagon… This article is full of tips about which foods to incorporate into a healthy diet to aid in weight loss.

3. – Chicago Tribune New Ham Arrives in Chicago Iberico ham is finally here! To learn all about how this pig that eats acorns is raised, then slaughtered, then cured, read this article!

2. – New York Times A Little Nostalgia, a Long Fork and Lots of Cheese First Food and Wine Magazine runs it on the cover, now the Times is all about it… See why Fondue is sweeping the nation again.

1. – San Francisco Chronicle Just the Flax, Please “Note to self: Eat better, exercise more, lose weight.” If that’s your motto for 2008, then this is a must read!


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