Best Thai Food in My Life!


While in Chiang Mai this week, I had the best Thai food I have ever eaten!

Our driver (whom we hired to drive us everywhere for an entire day for $50) took us here for lunch. The Thai culture is really interesting in that your driver takes you to a place owned by his friends (or Thais) and then he gets to eat in the back for free for bring you to the restaurant (this is also true of stores, where he gets a kickback for taking you there – I know, totally uncool, but how it works). Anyways, this place he took us to for lunch was incredible! The place (Khao Soil Lamduanta) was full of Thais (always a good sign) and the menu had no English.


fried pumpkin with a sweet chili sauce


pork satei with peanut sauce


and for the North’s signature dish – Khao Soil, a yellow curry with rice noodles and either pork, chicken, or spare ribs. We each tried one of the version and the pork was the definite favorite.




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4 responses to “Best Thai Food in My Life!

  1. This is torturing me! I wish I was in Thailand right now.

  2. Mom

    Can’t wait to try some Thai food!

    I will see you in three months!

  3. Mom

    Who is in the picture?

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