Miang Kum – A delicious Thai treat!


On our first full day in Thailand, we sampled some of the best Thai foods I have ever eaten. Among the delightful eats was Miang Kum, a delicious treat made out of many common Thai condiments and are served as a mid-day snack or hors d’ouveres for a party.

To make them, you start with the bi plu (which is a leaf similar to a banana leaf, but smaller) and fold it in half and then in half again creating a pocket for the goodies. Then you put toasted coconut, a couple of peanuts, one fermented dried shrimp, a piece of garlic, a bit of shallots, a piece of ginger and lime and as much of a chili as you would like into the opening created by folding the leaf. Then top with the sweet chili sauce and pop into your mouth in one bite! MMGOOD!


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One response to “Miang Kum – A delicious Thai treat!

  1. Eun ha

    This was my FAVORITE food in Thailand by far. Delicious. Unbelievable. Great post!!!

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