In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – Boston Globe Options for Winter Fuel are Put to the Test at a Fat Fete “Our waistlines may be appealing for restraint, but demon appetite, with its sharp little pitchfork, seems to prod us ever harder this time of year. We have barely begun winter; we still face its cold dark heart, and our atavistic selves feel the need of caloric stockpiling.”

4. – Chicago Tribune Junk-free, nutrient-rich and green “Expect new year to bring food labels touting an array of claims — legitimate or otherwise.” This article is packed full of all the new food products touting claims of curing diseases of the mind and body. Learn about ethical eating and being good to your gut here.

3. – Denver Post Make a Food Resolution “When it comes to food, most New Year’s resolutions begin and end with losing weight, drinking less or sticking more closely to the elusive USDA Food Pyramid. Not for us. This year, we resolve to eat more. More adventurously, that is. Let 2008 be the year you too try something new.” From juniper to cactus to seitan, this article is full of ideas for trying new eats in 2008.

2. – Dallas Morning News 5 Powerhouse Foods for 2008 I will spare you reading the article to see what they are… beans, blueberries, salmon, eggs and sweet potatoes. Now, to learn why, read the article.

1. – NY Times The Invisible Ingredient in Every Kitchen I bet you can guess what it is from the below picture. Read the article anyways – it is informative and brings up some interesting points.



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