How to: Make a Holiday Wreath

Wreaths are as much a part of the holiday season as are Christmas trees and holiday cookies. As easy as it is to go pick on up from the floral shop, it’s really not that difficult to put one together from the greens in your yard (with maybe borrowing a couple of pinecones from the neighbors)


1 to 2 large bundles of hemlock, spruce, Douglas fir or a combination
1 bundle of holly
1 metal wreath frame
Garden clippers
Wire clippers
Spool of fine green wire
Embellishments such as pine cones, ribbon, holly, etc.

For the directions on how to make a beautiful wreath, click below.

To prepare the greens, take the large boughs and cut the limbs into many 6- to 8-inch pieces. Don’t worry about trimming irregularly shaped pieces–you want a natural look and can use nearly everything except the thick central branch. Also, cut about twenty 15-inch pieces of wire and put them nearby.

Begin to make bunches of evergreens. Use the sturdy pieces from the base of the branches for the back of the bunch; they provide support but are fairly well hidden. You’ll see that the tips of the branches are symmetrical and prettier because they haven’t been cut. As you gather, say, four or five pieces for your bunch, place these sections near the front where they will be the most visible.

When you have formed a nice, thick bunch of greens, hold them down against the frame with one hand and take a piece of wire in the other. Place the greens in position and lay the wire across the bundle, about two-thirds of the way from the top. Now, holding the bunch in place with the wire (one end in each hand), carefully turn over the frame and tighten and twist the wire. If you are using a metal frame, clip off any excess wire.

Attach the second bunch of greens in the same way, except (if desired) add a sprig of holly in the front where it can easily be seen. You can create your own patterns with holly–adding it to every bunch or every two or three. Place the bundle in the same direction as the first one; the second overlaps the first so that only about a third of the underlying bunch is visible.

Repeat above steps as many times as needed to work your way around the wreath. A frame 16 inches in diameter will require about 12 bunches. Where the last bunch meets up with the first, there is often a spot that is less full than the rest of the wreath. It’s an ideal place to tie a ribbon.

If desired, take a piece of wire, run it once around the bow and wrap the two ends around the wreath, twisting it in the back. This is also the time to add any pine cones or other embellishments to the wreath.

Make any last minute adjustments to ensure the balance of the wreath and hang it outside!


Here are a couple of beautiful wreaths from different materials I came across…





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