Gift Ideas for the Foodie who has Everything!

For the gourmet in your life who has everything, we have put together a list of some of our favorite holiday gift ideas to make your shopping easier…


Available from Alessi SoHo this little birdie can uncork the most fabulous of bottles. $49.00

For the chocolate lover in your life, give the gift of chocolates from around the world. Available from Chef Shop, each of these chocolates is made from cocoa beans from a different country – some of the favorites include Trinidad, Venezuela, Tanzanie, and Ghana, Madagascar. 10 50g bars. $46.00

To entertain and dine with wit, The Food Snob’s Dictionary from is a perfect gift for the food snob in your life. $10.36


Since everyone always seems to end up in the kitchen at casual dinner parties, you might as well help the host out by making it a little more glamorous. These fancy gloves are available from Gloveables $13.39

With more than 150 recipes from around the world of everyone’s favorite food, The Bacon Cookbook is sure to be a hit with the pork lovers in your family.


For the trivial pursuit lover in your life, we recommend Foodie Fight: A Trivia Game with Gameboards and Cards. Full of useless trivia (some of which only James Beard might know the answer to), this game is sure to spark some great discussion and fun!


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