Fabulous Find: Revolution Teas


Commenter Vicky Choy shared a couple of great tips for brewing green tea last week and mentioned one of her biggest pet peeves – when nice restaurants serve crappy tea in paper teabags. I thought I would share one of my new favorite tea companies – Revolution Teas.

Revolution Teas offers customers the convenience of “teabags” and eco-friendliness with biodegradable bags filled with whole leaf tea. As seen in the picture above, whole tea leaves are placed in these cool little triangle “bags” along with dried fruits and herbs, producing a quality cup of tea everytime.

My favorite flavors of the moment include Tropical Green Tea, Sweet Ginger Peach and English Breakfast.

Fancy little tea packages make such a nice holiday gift – especially when put together as samplers. What are some of your favorite tea brands?


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One response to “Fabulous Find: Revolution Teas

  1. As soon as I posted this I got this week’s Daily Candy Deals – which features Mighty Leaf Teas. For a 25% discount use “DCDH07” as the coupon code during checkout!

    Mighty Leaf Teas is another great anti-paper teabags company – they use silk pouches to hold their tea leaves.

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