Tip of the Day: The Perfect Cup of Green Tea

green-tea.jpgFor a perfect cup of green tea, don’t add boiling water directly to the leaves, as green tea wants to brew at 170-180°F. But instead of trying to wait for it to cool to the right point, fill your teapot 1/4 of the way with room-temperature water, fill it the rest of the way with boiling water, and then add the tea leaves.



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2 responses to “Tip of the Day: The Perfect Cup of Green Tea

  1. I’m an admitted tea snob 🙂 Here is another trick. I put the water in the tea kettle. As soon as I start seeing a little steam come out and hear “water being heated noise” (I can’t even describe it), I turn off the stove. The water hasn’t started to boil but heated through. I think it works.

    And please people, buy loose tea leaves!!! Those paper type teabags do not contain tea leaves. They contain tea specks — it’s what’s left at the bottom of the tea barrel! Especially offensive is Lipton. Nothing irks me more than going out to a nice restaurant and having the waiter present me with this lovely box of paper teabags. Ack! Several companies now have those cool nylon bags that contain real tea leaves (Harney & Sons, A Mighty Leaf, Adagio Teas, etc)

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