Heavenly Hydrangeas Serves Up Thanksgiving Flowers

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to help out with an incredible workshop at Susan Poneman’s (owner of Heavenly Hydrangeas) house in McLean. Susan hosts these small (less than 15 people) and intimate floral arranging workshops a couple of times a year and they are not to be missed! She started off with a demonstration full of tips for the average person trying to put together a nice vase with flowers they pick up at Whole Foods or the Farmer’s Market as she was putting together a beautiful basket full of autumnal flowers. Then each of the participants was free to put pick any basket, vase or tray out of Susan’s large collection of supplies to start arranging. The results were incredible…

It’s hard to make have a final product that isn’t beautiful when all of the supplies and flowers that we started with were of the utmost quality.

A shot of the arrangement I put together after helping.

A beautiful long arrangement to lengthen the Thanksgiving table.

Another long arrangement that came out beautifully!

For more information on Susan’s workshops, check out her website and send her an email to be included on the mailing list.



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2 responses to “Heavenly Hydrangeas Serves Up Thanksgiving Flowers

  1. mo

    Gorgeous flower arrangements.

  2. Wow, those are incredible arrangements!

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