In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

This week it’s all about our feathered friends we will be eating for dinner next Thursday!

image courtesy of NY Times 

5. – NY Times Preservation’s Progress Most supermarket turkeys are 70% breast meat. These Heritage birds take upwards of five years to grow and contain so much more flavor than Butterballs, though they are a dying breed.

4. – Washington Post This Holiday, Take Your Pick Can’t decide whether to make the traditional version of stuffing or use a recipe with a twist? See several options here.

3. – Baltimore Sun Turkey Trials The perfect turkey is a result of the perfect preparation. Learn how to get your bird ready for the table here.

2. – Chicago Tribune How well do you know that turkey? The U.S. raises 272 million turkeys a year! Read on for more fun facts.

1. – Cape Cod Times Turkey Time Tips for Getting Dinner Right “Don’t leave a safe and satisfying Thanksgiving to guesswork. Here are some simple formulas for Turkey Day math.”


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