Capital Food Fight

Jose Andres and Cathal Armstrong during battle bottarga.

It was a big night in Kitchen Stadium last night as the Ronald Reagan building took on a stage for DC’s culinary stars to battle it out to raise money for DC Central Kitchen during the Capital Food Fight.

In the first battle, Barton Seaver of Hook edged out a win over RJ Cooper of Vidalia with the secret ingredient of Evangeline Goat Cheese.

The secret ingredient for battle number 2 was bottarga – a pressed dried gray mullet roe. Cathal Armstrong of Restaurant Eve, The Majestic and Eamonn’s was able to top the flavors of Bryan Voltaggio of Charlie Palmer Steak and advance to the semi-final.

And in the battle between Barton Seaver and Cathal Armstrong to determine the 2007 champion, with foie gras as the secret ingredient, Barton Seaver took the cake!

The final battle of the evening was between the new 2007 champ and 2006 champs Roberto Donna and Anthony Chittum. The secret ingredient was the rare red orach – a bright red spinach-like vegetable first cultivated in Europe. In the end, there could only be one winner and it turned out that Barton Seaver’s food reigned supreme!

Congrats to all chefs on a night of fun and successful fund raising!

For more pictures from the event, click below…

Anthony Bourdain and yours truly

Barton Seaver (2007 Champion) during his first battle

My favorite tasting of the evening – Liquid Mozzarella with tomato marmalade and aged balsamic from Cafe Atlantico– these were so delicious they literally melted in my mouth!

RJ Cooper during the first battle.

Tuna Tartare with sweet potato puree and a lemon chip from Hook.

Let us know who was serving up your favorite dish or what you thought of the six different restaurants sampling tuna tartare…



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4 responses to “Capital Food Fight

  1. Ashley

    Barton Seaver is so hot! I think every girl there was crushing over him!

  2. DCFoodie

    I can’t believe the organizers didn’t coordinate what restaurants were bring what tastings. I was disappointed by the number of places serving tuna tartare…

    On another note, I really liked the elk from Butterfield 9!

  3. That mozzarella thing was perfection.

    Willow’s butternut squash ravioli with seared scallop and sage oil was also good. And I agree – that elk was fabulous.

    …And Barton Seaver is adorable.

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