Fabulous Find: Curry Simple

My other fabulous find at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show this past weekend was Curry Simple.


Specializing in sauces better than the ones you can get in most Thai restaurants in the states, Curry Simple’s sauces are actually made in Thailand where the freshest coconut milk and spices are available. After just one bite of the green curry at the show, I knew I needed a serious supply of their product. My favorite is the spiciest of their curries, which is the green curry – available for purchase on their website here.

I whipped up a little stir-fry of chicken and veggies for dinner last night, then threw in the green curry and sauteed for just a couple of minutes. The result was a delicious and healthy dinner that took less than 20 minutes to make.


If you are a lover of Thai food, as I am, check them out!


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2 responses to “Fabulous Find: Curry Simple

  1. Mike

    I love this stuff. Discovered it last year at the Washington Food and Wine Festival at the Reagan building and it is awesome. My wife and I can’t get enough.

  2. Megan

    Agreed! I tasted this in DC at the Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show and loved it. I bought two packs and I’m about to buy more. My only wish is that Trader Joes would stock it!

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