Food Related Halloween Costumes

Still desperate for the perfect Halloween costume? Well you don’t have much time left… Here are my picks for a culinary trick-or-treating experience.

A Strip of Bacon
Everyone loves bacon – so why not dress like it! Hey, it’s an easy way to MEAT people – haha For directions on how to, click here.


For more ideas, click below…

A Bunch of Grapes
So easy, just get a bunch of purple balloons and pin them all over your clothing (here I am as a bunch of grapes a couple of years ago). Then use felt to create a stem and a few leaves.


A sushi roll
Just spray paint a giant piece of foam dark green (to be the seaweed) and roll yourself up in the middle of it. Then use styrafoam packing peanuts as the rice. Or you can take the approach these people did and just put the “sushi” on your head. Click here for the recipe for shrimp sushi.


Bag of Jelly Beans
Get a clear plastic garbage bag. Cut a hole for your head and hang over your shoulders. Fill with small balloons in a variety of colors, then cinch up the bottom. Tasty!


And last, but not least, this Martha Stewart article has been getting a ton of press, as most aren’t sure how they feel about turning their baby into A turkey on a platter… Let us know your thoughts!



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