In Print on Wednesdays: What The Rest of the Food World is Talking About…

#5 – The Washington Post In Pursuit of Paradise Lost “An estimated 3-5% of corked-sealed wines are imperfect…” Read this to understand the road from the winery to your table.

#4 – NY Times The Power in the Cask: Old Ways, New Beer Cask-conditioned ales were popular in England 100 years ago, but virtually disappeared after WWII. Read all about their comeback then head over to Pizzeria Paradiso to try them out!

#3 – Chicago Tribune Is black the new black? Want to jump on the bandwagon of the next big food trend? Well eating foods ebony in color, such as black rice and black sesame seeds are growing in popularity. Kellogg’s is even making a black sesame seed cereal!

#2 – LA Times Diners, stand up for your rights! LA Times writer, Leslie Brenner, proposes a diner’s Bill of Rights after service at some LA restaurants reaches a low.

#1 – The Philadelphia Inquirer Please, no bans on beloved bake sales Schools around the country are riled up over bake sales – read why!


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