Lobster Bisque

As I mentioned earlier today, the lobster bisque that Donna Creese made for the St. Supery tailgate party at the International Gold Cup on Saturday was delicious! She shares her recipe below…


Lobster Bisque

2 fresh lobsters (1.5 lbs each) split & cleaned
12 tablespoons butter
1 cup peeled carrots
1 cup chopped onions
1 bunch leeks, cleaned, chopped
1/2 cup chopped shallots
4 cloves garlic chopped
2 tbsp chopped fresh Italian parsley
1 tsp dry tarragon
6 tbsp brandy
2 1/2 cups homemade chicken stock
2/3 cup dry white wine… Donna recommend St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc
3 tbsp Madeira…(not the cheapest you can find…buy one that you will drink by the fire this winter)
1/2 cup unbleached all purpose flour
3 cups whole milk
3 cups half and half
2 large cans plum tomatoes chopped
1 medium can tomato paste
Cayenne pepper to taste
Salt to taste

click below for instructions…

Cut lobster into pieces, crack the claws.

Melt 6 tbsp butter in large saucepan over med. Heat…add carrots, onions, shallots, garlic, leeks – cook until wilted 5-8 minutes. Do not let brown.

Add lobster, parsley & tarragon, toss well and cook until lobster shells turn red…5-7 minutes.

Pour 4 tablespoons of brandy over the lobsters and ignite…when the flame goes out add 1 cup stock and the St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc, simmer partially covered 15 minutes.
Remove lobster from the pan & cool.

Remove meat from shells and cut into 1” pieces toss w/Madeira, cover & reserve for garnish.

Coarsely crush the lobster shells (I use food processor)…Reserve the broth.
In a separate sauce pan melt the remaining butter, add flour and blend with a wire whisk over low heat for 1 minute.

Bring the milk and half & half to a boil in another saucepan…add all at once to flour mixture, whisk constantly over low heat for 10 minutes…add to reserved broth…add remaining chicken stock, cover and simmer 45 minutes.

Cool, refrigerate 2 days.
Warm to simmer…5 minutes.
Cool and put in the blender, small batches at a time and blend until pureed.

Refrigerate 1 day.

Warm to simmer 5 minutes, cool, blend again and pass through a sieve before serving.



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  1. Your idea coincides with mine.and I think it’s better.

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