Tip of the Day: Cookie Cutter Perfect

I love to use miniture cookie cutters to make decorative pieces to adorn the edges of my pies and tarts. It’s so easy and creates such a beautiful dessert. Simply cut shapes out of the pastry dough using a miniture cookie cutter, then use an egg wash to adhere them to the edges of a pie or tart.

Here’s an example of a peach pie I made this summer with hearts out of pie dough…

and an apple tart I made last week out of puff pastry…

For the tart I simply rolled out the puff pastry, then used the mini maple leaf cutter to make the crust for the tart, then stuck it all together with an egg wash…

Happy Cooking!


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4 responses to “Tip of the Day: Cookie Cutter Perfect

  1. CJ

    What are the curli-cues on top? Shaves rolled Apple slices?? Looks great! Recipe?? Thanks

  2. CJ

    What are the curli-cues on top pf the pie? Thinly sliced rolled apples?? They look great-impressive, recipe…please?? Thanks!

  3. yes, they are shaved then rolled apples.

  4. recipe please

    hi could you post the recipe for the apple tart

    it looks great and original…GOOD JOB

    i get the pastry part but

    what about the apples???…

    how do you shave & roll them?

    it looks as though they are marinated or pickled.

    And it also looks like the finish product has a cream beneath the apples as well as a donut glaze over the maple leaves

    Please post the recipe, would like to taste it they way you made it 🙂

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