Fresh Herbs All Year Round

One of the hardest things I’ve had to get used to with living in the city is not having my garden full of fresh herbs and produce right outside my door. I have to get in my car and drive to my community garden. This obviously doesn’t work so well when I need fresh thyme at the last minute for dinner, which is where my balcony herbs come in handy!
This pot of herbs is so easy to make and with just a little TLC, you can be picking fresh herbs all year round.

Simply choose a nice ceramic pot and fill it with your favorite herbs. My planter has rosemary, thyme, oregeno, bay leaves, thai basil and marjoram. I water it almost daily, as it dries out quickly and move it inside on cool nights.

Happy City Gardening!

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One response to “Fresh Herbs All Year Round

  1. In India we grow many herbs together in a pot-like structure situated in the centre of our front courtyard. At the centre of this pot is the holy basil called Tulsi, which we Hindus worship.
    Actually, we worship many or most of our medicinal herbs, too!
    We perambulate this Tulsi plant every morning, and saying a short prayer, offer it water.
    I’m a holistic Pediatrician, interested in herbology.

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