Give Me Sugar Aprons

In case you didn’t see it, Daily Candy wrote about Elizabeth Scokin Productions aprons today…

Now they aren’t exactly practical, but they are totally hot! The one pictured above is $100. These would be totally cute to wear when hosting a party!

I personally like this one better… I think you could actually wear it in the kitchen – too bad it is $300!

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One response to “Give Me Sugar Aprons

  1. monique

    These are really like demi couture…totally fabulous!
    I now own 3. I have Gigi and it is totally special and worth 300.00. I also own Glam It Up in Georgette…beautifully made and lined in black. Number 3 is the Give Me Sugar new one…Cornelia in the Christmas line..grey netting with a coral sash.
    The quality control seems really great , plus you can tell they are handmade.

    I hear there is A thanksgiving apron about to post.
    i want it, too! So does Sandra Lee~

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